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My goal is to make you happy and at the same time follow current best practices in website design. Your website will look great on any device: phone, tablet, computer, or TV.


Logos, brochures, and infographics. Give me the particulars, and I will create something unique for you.



I've created websites and graphics, articles and blog posts for successful businesses, community groups, and artists. I am honored to have among my clients:


When I first started creating websites, almost everyone was using tables. It soon became the case that if a designer used tables instead of CSS, they could expect, and rightfully so, to be the subject of shame and scorn. And not too long after that, content management systems were all the rage for designers and developers who had clients who intended to blog—and at one time everyone intended to blog—and WordPress became the most popular CMS in the world. Eventually I found that I was no longer hand coding sites and instead was customizing a variety of WordPress themes.

It has always been my goal to make my clients happy and to help them bring to the screen the vision they have for their business or other work. But as I did less hand coding and as it became necessary to move away from "whizbangery," I found myself becoming frustrated with the lack of creativity that comes with working with themes, even while they in many ways make like simpler for the designer.

This site is the antithesis of whizbangery and returns to a simpler but at the same time more sophisticated approach to website design. This site is built on the very simple Skeleton framework using nothing but HTML, CSS, a single typeface, and a single image. It loads superfast because of its pared down simplicity. And it looks good on just about any device.

Studies show that most of the world view websites using mobile devices and connect over slow networks. Today more than ever before it's important to set priorities when choosing the content for your website, setting aside anything that isn't absolutely essential. Working together we can make your website powerful and fast.